Telecommunication Tech 1-On Site Full Clearance Required

  • Full-Time
  • Ellicott City, MD
  • MarkPoint
  • Posted 2 months ago – Accepting applications
Job Description

MarkPoint is hiring for the following:

Roles And Responsibilities

Analyze complex local and wide area network systems, including planning, designing, evaluating, and selecting operating systems and protocol suites and configuring communication media with concentrators, bridges, and other devices. Resolve difficult interoperability problems to obtain operation across all platforms, including e-mail, file transfer, multimedia, and teleconferencing. Configure systems to user environment. Support the acquisition of hardware and software and subcontractor services.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Knowledge or experience with operation, configuration, and troubleshooting :
  • Telco Cloud architectures and NFV
  • Cloud Infrastructure, including OpenStack and Core services (Horizon, Keystone, Neutron, Cinder, Nova, Glance, Swift, Heat)
  • VMware vSphere, including vCenter, ESXi hypervisor and VM lifecycle operations
  • IMS core elements and protocols/signaling (SBC, TAS, AAA, P/S-CSCF, ePDG)
  • L3 routing and L2 switching, including experience with dynamic routing protocols
  • Linux enterprise system administration
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